More Slashdot Tagging Silliness

So it's April Fools Day. Check the calendar. It is. Slashdot is doing their annual "run stupid stories" joke (tip: when an April Fools joke becomes annual, it's not funny any more), but this time, there are tags.

Most of the tags have been "aprilfools" - because, well, they are. However, most also received "gay" and several received "lame."

So, since "turn-around is fair play," let's look at some tags:

Duke Nukem Forever Reviewed: aprilfools, gay, straight, dnf, vaporware
Microsoft Buys aprilfools, gay, straight, microsoft, openoffice

Yes, that's right. People are now tagging the (lame) April Fools stories "straight" to get back at the people tagging them "gay."

There are times when Slashdot's readership just cracks me up.