Slashdot Whines About Gilsellers

Apparently someone on Slashdot has gotten fed up with gilsellers (actually, in-game item sellers period) because we've recently gotten several stories about them:

Square-Enix Bans Over 800 FFXI Accounts
MMOG Currency Seller Owns Media Network ?
President of MMOG Currency Seller Grilled

My basic opinion is "who cares about item sellers?" and "if they're disrupting the game, perhaps the game developer should, oh, I don't know, be doing something about it!"

I've had my run-in with "gilsellers" in FFXI. They're annoying. They disrupt actual game play. And Square-Enix should have done something about this ages ago, and not just the St. Valentine's Day Gilseller Massacre, which is coming basically a year too late for me to actually care.

My FFXI account is still active... but I don't know for how much longer it'll stay that way.