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Hitting them only makes them dumber...
hitting them only makes them dumber...

and a sentence all in caps is easier to write with caps lock ON...

Just a random query, too, I got to your page googling for autoscroll.
really good info on how to turn off that peskiferous habit that is Default in Firefox of trying to autoscroll and getting a random web page.

But I was wondering, if you could, please do tell, how can I make autoscroll work like bookreader? are there any presets at all in Firefox?

What I mean is a little script that would work like "back to top" then "repeat scroll."

This would be, of course, so I could read some gazillion word text file like Gutenberg projects Compleat Werkes of William Shakespeare at a fair clip, two or three times or however many times it takes to memorize it.

Kind of like mnenomics on steroids. Some of the man pages are enough to bust my eyes out of their sockets scrolling back and forth, and it would be best to just do something like that and memorize them l..e..t..t..e..r.. ..b..y.. ..l..e..t..t..e..r..

like the way one is supposed to learn touch-typing.

Wed, 01/30/2008 - 07:49 Permalink

This is simply a list of old Thought for the Moments from the box on the right side of the page.

  • Bittersweet chocolate is more bitter than sweet.
  • Someone should create an electric powered ice cream scoop.
  • We should burn spammers as a renewable source of energy.
  • Internet Explorer was originally created as a punishment in Hell for the hubris of the Netscape developers, until Bill Gates bought it from Beelzebub and released its blight upon the world.

    (Or: What CSS rule is IE interpreting as "draw random sections of this block?!")

  • Where did the Tao master in Okami get a computer with holographic displays in medieval Japan?
  • enterprise, adj. - unnecessarily difficult to use. E.g., Saving the file in this enterprise software only requires five distinct steps!
  • Coffee makers work a lot better when you put water in them.
  • There should be a law requiring drivers to use turn signals. Wait...
  • Always check to make sure you have cream before brewing coffee.
  • It seems that I have the attention span of
  • After using an iPod on an airplane, always make sure to check the volume level before playing anything.
  • Commenting code in HTML <em>may</em> be one of the first signs of insanity.
  • U2 immediately followed by Phoenix Wright. Gotta love the iPod's shuffle feature!
  • The only thing worse than flaky and buggy software is flaky and buggy software that you wrote.
  • If I have to use the Wikipedia to figure out what something does, your FAQ is insufficient.
  • Objection!
    My lawyer's badge clearly contradicts the witness's testimony!
  • It's amazing how much planets in both the Milky Way and the Pegasus Galaxies look like forests in Vancouver.
  • Use the A Button to talk to someone, or beat them senseless. It's all the same.
  • I wonder what the term is for those moments in the Ace Attorney games where you give a correct answer and the characters respond by running with it straight into crazy-town.
  • There's something ironic about watching an ad for satellite HDTV service in HD over cable.
  • Now 20% less likely to cause kernel panics!
  • Being a geek is taking four hours to write a program that enables you to discover that, yes, adding a single word to the original program does, indeed, fix the bug. Something that could have been done and tested in ten minutes.
  • Well, it didn't crash, per se...
  • Next on MythBusters, they test the myth that it's smart to stand downwind from the giant fireball they're attempting to create...
  • grep and /usr/share/dict/words does not count as cheating at Scrabble™...
  • “We’re going to have a couple more episodes of weather through this upcoming week...” – WFXT Boston (Fox 25) Meteorologist

    I’d rather hope we’d have “weather” the upcoming week...

  • TV shows are hard to follow when you don’t bother actually watching them.
  • I intend to replace this block with contents from my Twitter feed.