Final Fantasy XIV Item Database

I've started screwing around with creating an item database primarily intended for crafting within Final Fantasy XIV.

Right now it doesn't do all that much, but it includes all the recipe information available from the Lodestone website. I'll be adding more information to it as I go along, although at some point it would be nice to allow external submission of data. For now the data is currently stored in a flat file, although that's changing in a future version.

Awkward Zombie

Awkward Zombie doesn't appear to have a motto, so instead, I'll just say that I fixed my web comic module solely to add it.

Screw Theora

Seriously, screw Theora. None of the tools work. Really, there's no reason to go beyond that at all. ffmpeg can't create working Ogg Theora files for no discernible reason. The makers of Theora don't provide an encoder, so it's not like you can just use theirs! The only working Theora tool appears to be ffmpeg2theora - which is completely useless because it can't be used to remux streams.

The one thing Xiph does provide, a tool for creating Ogg streams, doesn't create working streams. Making it completely useless as well.


Let's Play Armored Core: Ranking Ravens

I've basically completely glossed over the Raven rankings, so as another text-only update, let's go through the Ranking Ravens. The Top 10 Ravens are given using their ranks at the start of the game, the ranks change as you play through the game.

Sometimes these changes are based on fights with enemy Ravens, but frequently, they change regardless of your actions.

Let's Play Armored Core: Large Text Dump

Since I've basically completely skipped the story so far, here are some emails from R to explain the various factions that make up the future world of Armored Core.

Let's start with Murakumo Millennium and Chrome themselves:

From: R

Chrome and Murakumo

Zam City was one of the very first cities built in the underground city development program, so redevelopment is proceeding in various areas of the city.

Let's Play Armored Core!

Armored Core

Armored Core is a game series by From Software, who are best known for, well, the Armored Core game series. While still somewhat a niche title, Armored Core is a fairly successful "mech" game. You play as a mercenary, called a Raven, who pilots an Armored Core: a giant customizable mech.

Read on for the rest of the Let's Play.

3D Dot Game Heroes Reference List

This is an incomplete list of references found in 3D Dot Game Heroes. If you want to help complete it, post additions as comments - I promise I do eventually get around to checking the moderation queue!

Final Fantasy Job Quiz

Which Final Fantasy job are you? Take this quiz to find out!


Ubuntu 10.04 is out

Ubuntu 10.04 is out.

gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string menu:minimize,maximize,close

That's the command to reset the window buttons to be like they were in every previous release.


The Nook gains a web browser

The Barnes & Noble nook has had a web browser added to it in the 1.3 update (along with sudoku and chess and a bunch of other things).

And the web browser actually works pretty freaking well. The nook’s design of a small touch screen along with an e-ink display means that you get a full-color small view into the website on the bottom and a very nice black-and-white view on the top. You can scroll through the website using both the touch screen and the page back/forward keys, meaning that all-in-all, it works very well for simple surfing.



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